Chalo has the potential to launch social businesses to the next level of consumer engagement.

– Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s

I enthusiastically endorse Chalo!

– Wayne Dyer, world-renowned author, lecturer and Oprah guest

I think all brand managers should take a serious look at how Chalo connects businesses with
philanthropy through technology.

– Peter Meehan, Co-Founder and CEO, Newman’s Own Organics

With this app we have viscerally deepened our brand taproot among active, committed people of consciousness and the organizations making a difference in their communities.

– Roberta MacDonald, SVP Marketing, Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Charitable non-profits

Chalo's innovative platform helps charities tap into the growing mobile giving market, and is more engaging and viral than text-to-give.

Socially minded businesses

Chalo lets socially responsible businesses engage their customers around important causes, promoting brand loyalty and awareness.

Employee health programs

Chalo strengthens employee health incentive programs by providing more meaningful rewards and community connections.

Chalo app users

Chalo helps people make positive changes related to their health or consumption habits, while providing life-saving aid to those in need.